Patient Online Services

This practice currently offers these facility for patients:
 - To book, view, amend and cancel appointments online.
 - To order, view and print a list of repeat medication.
 - To view online records relating to medication, allergies and adverse reactions.
Please visit to gain access to these services.
These services are available to any patients aged 16 and over, registered with this practice .  Parents/Guardians may request access on behalf of a child they care for.  However, in line with Royal College General Practitioners guidance, parental access will be withdrawn automatically when the child turns 11.
We are now working towards expanding online access to records, including more detailed information on illnesses, procedures, immuisations and test results.
We will be doing this in the following stages to ensure the necessary processes are in place to safeguard patient confidentiality and promote effective use of records access.
1.  Pilot patient access to full coded records with a small group of patients.
2.  Review this process and identify whether we can improve any aspect.
3.  Promote access to priority patients - for example, those with long term conditions.
4.  Offer access to all patients over the age of 16 who request it.
5.  Establish procedures for parents and carers to request online access to records of patients they care for.